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Dr. Pierson - Cat Health

I have used Dr. Pierson's website, catinfo.org, to supplement my knowledge regarding feline nutrition and various other cat health issues. I highly recommend any cat owner, who truly wants the best for his or her cat, to read Dr. Pierson's articles. The vast amount of knowledge available on this site is incredible.

Recently, I spent nearly an hour on the phone with Dr. Pierson. She confirmed my beliefs about dry cat food and she introduced me to new standards in pet nutrition. We do not carry any dry food for cats, because there is little or no nutritional value. We support the highest quality canned and raw meat. Today, after 5 years as a pet storeowner and a degree in pet homeopathy, I still find myself asking questions about how I can provide the best for my clients with cats.

To obtain information about feline nutrition & other information, here is a link to Dr. Pierson’s site: http://www.catinfo.org/

Dr. Pierson provides phone consultations.  Please take advantage of this service.  Dr. Pierson can be reached through her website at catinfo.org.

From my experience, and I do not have a cat, it is totally worth every penny...and MORE.  

Other links on Dr. Pierson site:

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Feline Obesity: An Epidemic of Fat Cats

Feline Hyperthyroidism

Vaccines for Cats: We Need to Stop Over-vaccinating


Enrich you knowledge so you can provide your cat with the best nutrition possible.

You owe it to your cat.


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