Buck Mountain Lepsilyte For Seizures 4oz

ORGANIC Lepsilyte - liquid - reduces the frequency and severity of seizures.

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It is a GABA enhancer and significantly lessens The frequency and severity of seizures.

It is not-toxic to the liver.

Lepsilyte - liquid Product Narrative, T. S. Fox, Ph.D.

Lepsilyte is formulated from our extracts of skullcap and valerian. It significantly reduces the frequency and severity of seizures.

Seizures of unknown origin are collectively referred to as epilepsy. Seizures are an all too common malady affecting animals. Phenobarbital and/or potassium bromide are routinely used. They are both toxic in therapeutic dose concentrations. Specifically they are hard on the liver. Of special note is that the inhibition of gamma amino butric acid (GABA) induces seizure. The logic is that enhancement of GABA should inhibit the frequency and severity, of epileptic fits. It turns out to be so!

Those things that enhance GABA include (per 40 pounds): • Lepsilyte 1 ml. s.i.d. to q.i.d. depending on severity • Vitamin B6 15 mg. t.i.d. • Vitamin E1 100 iu. s.i.d. • Mn 3 mg. t.i.d. • Taurine 100 mg. t.i.d. • Selenium 25 ug. s.i.d. • Mg 75 mg. t.i.d. • Zn 10 mg. s.i.d. It is recommend the Lepsilyte and the vitamins be administered.

If seizures are controlled that is all that’s needed. If seizures continue, at any level, add the remainder of the mineral supplements. An easy way to administer this drug to dogs is to cut up a slice of bread into 1” squares. Keep them in a baggie in the refrigerator to keep them fresh. Keep a pound of raw ground meat in the refrigerator and a back up pound in the freezer. At medicine time make a thin patty of the ground meat and place bread square in the middle of the patty. Measure the liquid dose and put it on the bread where it will quickly be absorbed. Roll the bread, with the medicine, up in a meatball and throw it to your little buddy who all the time you are preparing the dose will be jumping up and down in anticipation of the “treat” you are preparing.

For cats mix the appropriate dose with fish oil and mix it thoroughly with wet meaty cat food. For livestock you can mix the dose with a small amount of sweet feed or simply drench the animal. Dosage recommendation is one ml. per forty pounds weight s.i.d. to q.i.d. depending upon the severity of the affliction. Estrogen activity in humans has been reported for one of the ingredients (i.e. skullcap). Therefore caution is advised for use during pregnancy.