Psorinum 30c

Homeopathic Remedies for Fleas eynote: Unhealthy coat and skin; parasitic skin conditions, fleas, lice mites, ringworm The homeopathic nosode, Psorinum, can be used to repel and control fleas on dogs and cats naturally. It’s non-toxic to kids, pets and the environment and can safely be given to a dog or cat for fleas. Another plus is, it makes attacks by ticks more difficult; this helps the pet to fight more effectively against tick diseases or Lyme disease in dogs. Psorinum is also effective in the treatment of flea and tick collar, insecticide intolerance, or ineffectiveness. Hardy fleas will become immune to the commercial insecticides used in flea collars.

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It can be considered when there are skin problems with severe itching; odorous discharges with a filthy, offensive smell; the animal seeks warmth and has an extreme sensitivity to cold (the ’chilly Sulphur’) want to be covered, even in hot weather; the hair may be dry and matted. Skin symptoms are very prominent throughout this remedy.• Conditions associated with the psoric miasm• Cases which fail to respond to indicated remedies or which only improve for a short time• Chronic skin problems, eczema, dermatitis• Red, raw, oozing scabs behind the ears. Foul discharge from eczema around ears. Sore pain behind ears; chronic otorrhea (discharge and inflammation of the middle ear). Moist, foul smelling pus from ears, brownish color.• Eruptions around nails or hooves. Smelly, sweaty feet.• Crusty eruptions all over• Dry, dull, matted, rough coat and skin especially with a musty smell• Severe itching• Recurrent urticaria• Skin eruptions in the bends of the joints• Sticky, weepy eczema on the head• State of debility• To promote recovery from weakness remaining after an acute illness• Mind: Sad and depressed; hopeless, despairs of recovery• Always hungry day and night  Sleep: These animals are sleepless from intolerable itching; easily startled• Constant licking, the feet in particular.


WORSE < From change of weather, hot sunshine, cold weather, dread of least cold or draft.

BETTER < from heat, warmth, from being covered upor burrowing in blankets, even when its hot, (except in skin symptoms), rest.

Remedy Interactions

Works well with: Sulphur, Bacillinum (acute), Sepia, Tuberculinum

Incompatible with: Lachesis, ConiumAlso Consider: Sulphur, Nat mur., Graphites. Psorinum can be considered in chronic cases and used on a constitutional basis.

Dosing Example: Note: Psorinum is a nosode. It is a deep, long acting remedy that should not becused or repeated too often. Psorinum should only be used for up to five days before changing to another remedy.